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Style Guidelines
Authors should abide by the following style guidelines when submitting papers for review to LARNet; The Cyber Journal of Applied Leisure and Recreation Research:

1.  All submissions should be sent in Word Perfect, or MS Word formats.
2.  Authors are responsible for their own editing.
3.  All authors should adhere to the editorial style detailed in the American Psychological Association Style guidelines.  Published papers will be reformatted in html format. Please convert all charts to either tables or .jpg as the case applies.
4.  All submissions should include a title page containing the names and institutional affiliations of all authors as well as a separate abstract not exceeding 300 words in length. Please include "keywords" at the end of the abstract.
5.  The author's name should not appear anywhere within the text, but rather on the title page only.  This is to insure the integrity of the blind review process.
6.  Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyrighted material.
7.  There is no limit with regard to the length of submissions, quality will not be sacrificed for brevity.  However, authors are encouraged to keep submissions to a reasonable length.
8.  The use of pictures is encouraged.  Please include pictures in either .jpg or .gif format and sent under a separate file.

Submissions should be sent directly via e-mail attachments to:
Barbara Schlatter, Ph.D.
Illinois State University
School of Kinesiology and Recreation
Normal, IL  61790

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